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About Our Local Area

About Our Local Area


When you search the internet to find out about the Tumut Region, you’re met with website after website explaining all there is to do here and how to ensure you have an awesome visit.  But what is it actually like to live here?

Here’s our straight up guide to things you may not have thought about when considering moving to our area…

  • You are going to need to invest in a bigger washing machine!

When the kids sit inside watching TV or playing video games there are only so many changes of clothes they need in a day right?  Living here that might be a different story.  Kids can have the sort of childhood our grandparents had…exploring local forests, adventuring through caves, swimming in pristine rivers, making cubbies, climbing trees and generally getting grubby, so make sure you have a washing machine fit for the job!

  • You’ll probably need more clothes!

Depending on where you are coming from, there could be the need to invest in some new clothes, so you will need to put serious consideration to this!  The Tumut region is blessed with 4 distinct seasons, something not always experienced in Australia.  There are the cold, crisp winters, the blossom infused springs, hot and sparkling summers and fiery colours in autumn…come prepared!

You can’t quickly “pop down the street”

When you live in a city or larger population centre, it’s easy to walk into a shop, buy what you need and walk out again.  That’s not going to be the case here!  Large enough to have what you need, yet small enough to know people by name, your 5 minute trip to the supermarket will take you half an hour as you catch up with the comings and goings of all the people you bump in to!

  • You are going to need to update your camping and fishing gear!

Whether it be at one of the local tourist parks; National Park or Forestry camping grounds or your own secret spot in the bush, you’re going to want to get the gear and get out and enjoy all this area has to offer.  The Tumut region is considered “one of the most picturesque and varied inland fishing areas in NSW, so go grab yourself a line! The Murray cod, golden perch and redfin are abundant in Blowering Dam and the Murrumbidgee River; but if brown or rainbow trout are more your thing, you will want to be heading to Jounama and the local river systems.

  • You will be inundated with visitors!

Seriously, prepare yourself for this one!  There is something about the mountain air that pulls people from everywhere so make sure you have enough spare beds (or not!)  There’s National Parks, State Forests, caves, goldfields, wetlands, museums, farm gate trails, scenic drives, wineries, markets, festivals, boutique stores, fabulous eateries…need we go on…

  • You will have no excuse not to get fit!

If getting into shape is something you have been putting off, well you will have no excuses in the Tumut region.  Mountain biking, water sports, hiking, bush walks, skiing, swimming or even rock climbing, motor biking and hand gliding are all here at your disposal, along with some great gymnasiums and fitness clubs, so there really is no excuse!

  • You could develop a drinking problem!

As an outsider looking in, you could be forgiven for thinking that those who live in the Tumut region have a drinking problem!  With a plethora of establishments to partake in your favourite tipple, we really are spoiled for choice.  Whether a locally brewed craft beer with a side of gourmet pizza listening to live music; fresh cider produced from locally grown apples or a cool climate chardonnay is your thing, you will find all it here to enjoy.

  • You’re going to need to invest in a boat (or make friends with someone with one)!

You might be thinking it a bit odd to be requiring a boat when the nearest ocean is 300km away but trust me, with one of NSW’s largest dams just 13km from the town of Tumut, it is essential!

  • Well this is all well and good but what about work?

Well, your options are limited!!  Snowy Hydro, Visy Pulp & Paper Mill, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, Hyne Timber, Forestry Corporation, major supermarket and retail chains, schools and hundreds of locally owned and run businesses will really be your only options for employment!!

There you have it – so much to fit into a few words, but we trust our unique perspective has given you food for thought on whether this area is right for you and your family.  The best way really is to come and see for yourself, as there is only so much you can gleam from a webpage!

While you’re here drop in to speak with our award winning, trusted local team who can take care of all your property needs, whether its renting or buying; residential, commercial or rural; we have you covered, so stop by for a chat.